Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dinner! Bacon! Beer! Wednesday!

I'm back!

So I decided to make dinner. Well, I always make dinner, but I didn't want to tonight. So it was an active decision to do it anyway. I decided to make hamburgers. We don't have hamburger buns and I'm forbidden to go to the grocery. So they are going to be more sandwich-ish than usual. I saw a thing online some time ago where the dude made a hamburger patty, cut a hole out of the center with a glass, and then fried an egg in it. He claimed it was the best burger ever.

I also ran across a link while twittering where some lady made beer candied bacon. She obviously had some weird desire to be the most popular woman on the internet. Key words here kids are as follows:





And then I got the notion that this delicacy could quite possibly make the egg/burger even better. Hell, I got the notion it could make anything better. Eating this bacon could make Cheerios better. It could make the last Ghost Rider movie better. Well... maybe. It might even make me a better person! I dunno... It's in the oven RIGHT NOW.

Ok, while it cooks here's a link to the some lady. She's at Tide & Thyme. Here's a link to the drrrooooool.

Sorry, no links for the egg/burger thing. You'll just hafta live with the pics I make. Just know that I make no claims to credit for this fabulous idea. Unless it completely rocks my world. Then yes, it was all me.

Ok, first things first... I cooked the bacon. PICTURES!

Ohmehgod Ohmegod Ohmegod
You may start drooling now

Mix up yer beer and sugar. See the website for ingredients and recipe... I'm not a cooking blog.

Lay out yer bacon like you intend to do something with it. Admire it. Watch your back... Hooligans be about.

Ignore the clutter in the upper right hand part of the picture.

Aaaaand about 35 minutes later you get crispy beer candied bacon. The recipe says you should cool them on a cooling rack. Well, I used my cooling racks in cooking them. So I just left them there.

Get another cooling rack. These bastards stuck to the racks and some broke when I tried taking them off. I have no pics of the broken pieces because... well... bacon.

There was only the girls 'n me for dinner

Patty time! I prepared the hamburger patties Wendy's style because of the lack of hamburger buns.

I seasoned the meat with some onion powder and minced garlic.

Put a hole in it.

I was eating at McDonald's about 20 years ago with my girlfriend when she reached across the table and poked a hole in my sandwich.

"Tastes the same with a hole in it," she said.

I won't say she was wrong, but I held my tongue because there were just too many comebacks and we were in a family restaurant. 


Some of the white ran away from the burger. I let it cook for a minute or two... I really don't time these things. I've been cooking for over 20 years now and pretty much time my eggs by just KNOWING when they are done.

After flipping the burger I cut the runaway white off and set it aside.

Zoey said: "What. Is. That."

Me: "Mine. Go. A. Way."

I admit, I was getting kind of excited here.

The girls were already seated with their meals when I took this picture.

Sara says, "Dad makes the best hamburgers!"

Zoey says, "Mmmmph!"

I just took a moment to bask in that rare praise.

I just F*****G dare you to build a better burger.

Add cheese and bacon.





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