Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Thoughts Going Into The Weekend

Just some random crap:[1]

1. Where are the vast hickory forests we are burning down to smoke all our meat, cheese, sauce & dog chew products?[2]

2. Every house I visit has nice beautiful windows with the blinds pulled down and closed. Maybe an idea for new houses or renovations could be to close off those openings, have faux windows on the outside with either wall eyes on the inside or high def monitors showing what's on the outside... Oh I'm on to something here.

3. FYI, butter explodes.[3] In other news, the microwave needed cleaning anyway.

4. Watching a child sleep can be a heartwarming experience. And when they dream, priceless! Until you watch them go through REM with their eyelids open. Then it's creepy.

5. My children were introduced to Nutella this week. So ends my time as a "good" parent. But lunch time did get yummier. It's a word, leave me alone.

*GASP!*  *droooool*


  1. and they will learn as you had to, if it is not cheap enough, they will suffer with NEVER getting it again, mwhahahaha

    1. I'm guessing that is why they are eating it with abandon.

  2. 1. You shared Nutella with your kids? What on earth is wrong with you? Don't you ever want to eat it again?

    2. Welcome back. You're one of the highlights of my feed reader.

    3. Are you on the Twitter machine?

    1. 1. I get to lick the spoon.

      2. Thanks! Appreciate the positive feedback.

      3. Yup... although not very often. I need to clean it up a bit. Most of my feed is taken up with Neil Gaimen and his 90,000 retweets coming from publishers, editors, fans, his wife, and multitudes of people asking for retweets. I don't know when he has time to write with his every 30 second twitter updates.

  3. This is when you say WHERE on the Twitter machine you are, so dummies like me can find it (again).

  4. This is the part where you say WHERE on the Twitter machine you are, for dummies like me who:

    1. Can't find you, after deleting their old account,

    2. Can't remember to log into Google with their right account, and

    3. Like numbered lists.

    1. Oh. Huh. Ummm....

      1. You deleted something off the internet?! You can do that?

      2. More than one google account... I'm the kind of guy that can't keep track of more than one magazine subscription.

      3. Numbered lists are awesome! It gives a sense of organization and purpose without actually having to be organized... or have purpose.

      4. Penguins and the works of Herman Melville have almost nothing in common. Almost.

      5. My twitter handle is fargo234. Or @fargo234. Something like that.