Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Did They Start Selling Bacon In Troy Ounces?

Bakin' bacon
For Mother's Day this year I baked bacon for the first time. Well, second time. In either case I took the package of bacon out and started pulling it apart and placing the strips on the baking sheet.

First things first. Stop frying your bacon three or four strips at a time. Put it all on a baking sheet and find something else to do for 20 minutes.[1]

I don't do the shopping in my house. Many of you already know this. If I'm in a grocery store it's because I was sent there on a mission. I'm either buying ice, beer, wine or some combination of the three. I really haven't paid much attention to packaging since I actually worked in a grocery store which was 14 years ago.

For the record, I worked for HEB for nine years. I held quite a number of positions and responsibilities during my time there. But I never, ever, noticed bacon being sold at less than a pound. It probably was. I just never bought it at less than a pound. Me being me, I most likely just thought, "Ooh! Bacon." and bought it.

Skip to Mother's Day 2013. I quickly looked online for how to bake bacon. I read three "recipes". All three called for "1 lb. bacon" as the sole ingredient.

My package was 12 oz. Twelve ounces.[2] My brain immediately made the correlation between precious metals and bacon, which is precious to me.

Answer me this. Is this a "shrinking packaging" thing or has there always been the option to buy less bacon?[3]

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