Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week End

And another weekend has suddenly, abruptly, and mysteriously disappeared. I have no idea what happened. It was Beer:30 Friday and then BOOM! it's Sunday night.

Why is this not a QWERTY keyboard?
So I tried signing up for Hulu Plus Friday night. Why? Because Netflix doesn't have Duck Dynasty. So I found that Hulu Plus had it on their list. Awesome, right?

I signed up online. Then I downloaded it for the Wii because TV is always better ON TELEVISION. I'm weird that way I guess.

After 20 minutes of signing up, logging on, downloading, installing, logging in again, we finally are ready! And we get the error message, "HAHAHAHAH! SUCKER! We're so sorry, but the show you spent 20 minutes trying to watch, we're not going to let you because that's one of the shows you can only watch online. Who the hell watches TV on television? You are SO not in our demographic. Losers."

Everyday I'm shovelin'
And then we ended up watching the ONE EPISODE out of four they had available on my laptop. Then I killed our account. Call me a loser will you...

And check out this little lady over here. A few years ago[1] I wrote a piece that was all about Sara being a big girl. At the time she was three years old and wanted nothing more than to help me turn the compost. Saturday she was finally big enough to actually use the shovel! Woo hoo! She lost interest pretty quickly.

Sara: "This is kinda boring."

Me: "Yup"

Epic Breakfast
Ok, now for my least favorite part of the weekend. Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30 and could not for the life of me figure out why or fall back to sleep.

So I made breakfast.

For me.

My goal was that I'd actually get to eat it before the family woke up. I nearly made it. I still got to eat it warm though. I blame myself really. I cooked for like an hour before it was ready.

Ran out of gas. Seriously.
There was the slight chance that I was going to have to babysit, but lucked out.

That's right! I got to power wash the house and driveway.

Woo hoo.

Stephanie helped put sunscreen on my back. I know exactly the spots she missed.

I'd show you, but I cannot take pictures of my own back.

What the hell are these?

I ran out of gas and Stephanie took the gas can to refill.

So while I waited I sat in my nice cool office drinking beer and reading the Sunday comics online.

My office has a nice big picture window facing out the front of the house. As I'm reading I see some dude walk not three feet from my nose. I about left an imprint of my head on the ceiling.

It was just a guy delivering phone books.

You remember these? It's a book. Of phone numbers. Nobody you actually know, just a carefully ordered set of phone numbers and advertisements to places you'll never call.

I finished the day up by grilling fajitas and drinking beer.

It was a good weekend.

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