Friday, May 24, 2013

I Got Plans And Zoey Is Still Freaking Out About Germs

Blog Enhanced!
I've discovered that I got a lot of things I want to write about. I've started several posts that need work, pictures, and completed "enhancements".

That's what I'm calling those footnote thingies you see that are not clickable. If you hold your mouse over the blue footnote thingy, you get a hover note! That's right. Bonus brain goo that just oooooozes out of the normal post.

If you are reading my blog on a phone or tablet, they don't work. Sorry, but no mouse, no enhanced goo.

In other news: Zoey is still freaking out about germs. Booger and poo germs are a thing and she's a very careful observer.

I had just emerged from the water closet[1] and she's in the bathroom on her tablet just chillin'. I washed my hands and started drying them when:

Z: "Did you wash your hands?"

Me: "You are not the hand washing police. And yes. That is why I'm drying them."

Z: "Did you use soap."

Me: *sigh* "Yes. I used soap, Officer."

Z: "I didn't see you use soap. Wash them again."

Me: "Listen. You gotta..."

Z: "Just wash them!"

Our medical plan does not cover this.

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