Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Team... ASSEMBLE!!!

There’s a new game on Facebook now that’s intensely zombie-ish.

The rules are:

Go to your Profile, look to the left, the first six friends are your Zombie Apocalypse team.



I’m screwed.

Sidekick: David Cardenal. This is ass backwards. It’s more like I’m his sidekick.

Heavy Weapons: Kenneth Morrison. Sorry dude, but the heaviest weapon I’ve seen you carry is a coronet. I’m willing to bet you’ve wielded something heavier since then, but I worry that it is a hockey stick.

The Idiot That Survives: Jennifer Dipboye. I so DID NOT PICK THE ORDER. Be thankful you survived.  I’d like to point out right now that I’m also watching My Little Pony while writing this.

The Sniper: Cindy Collins. This I’ll allow. As a matter of fact, I’d say it’s a given.

The One That Loses It: Matt Jensen. Again, I did not pick the order. However, of all the people I know, you are the most prepared for the event. Those type of people lose it first.

The Brains: Courtney DeMarr Brown. You make awesome meatballs. But can I rely on you to coordinate a zombie apocalypse team? KILL PEOPLE THAT ARE ALREADY DEAD? I worry.

Man… I need better material.
Seems obvious to me...


  1. I don't take exception to being the sidekick. I actually started trolling eBay for cricket bats. Those are too heavy for Molly, obviously, so she would need a field hockey stick.

    To the Winchester!

  2. Seems like Facebook is trying to get you killed.

    I would almost bet that Facebook is laughing right now because of the top picks for organizing a Zombie Apocalypse Team. At least Facebook is thinking about it.

    I think I will just search out The Bloggess and see if I can hole up with her there. I have been playing first person shooting games (i.e. Vampire Rain, F.E.A.R. etc...)and I know I will die. I run out of ammo too quickly and those suckers creep up fast. Forget stealth.. even in black I glow so no way in hell am I gonna make it. I will be like a homing beacon to all things dead and undead. Oh and I have a way to conceal myself. Lock me in a lead based room with no windows and some form of entertainment and I might make it.

  3. David - bring the Winchester. I'll make sandwiches.

    Lilscorpiosweetie - The Bloggess lives out in rural Texas and is probably already well equipped. However, I believe there's a waiting list. You'd better get your application in soon...

  4. LOL well here is a bummer, those meatball were purchased from HEB :P
    As far as Zobmies go... well I'm sure I can handle it..... maybe.

  5. Not a literal Winchester rifle, Eric. I meant the Winchester pub. Bring the sandwiches, though. All they have there is bags of crisps.

  6. Courtney - my opinion of you has changed. You'd better bring a shotgun.

    David - Oh. My opinion of you has not changed. As we'll be in England, I'll make sure the sammiches are of "artisan" quality.

  7. Love the fact that I'm the Idiot that survived!