Monday, August 22, 2011

The Apology Post

I’m sorry.

Ok. Apparently my world is a little too kooky to share everything.

I promise to never booze and blog at the same time again. Just so you know though, my sober posts aren’t nearly as fun for me.

So here’s a quick look at the past few days. I took the girls to visit their grandparents this weekend. We made it a four day weekend! And why not? Gramma has a pool.

Ahhhh. Country living.
Little Bit likes hanging with Grampa mostly.

Grampa has a nice big shop. He’s been fixing mostly ice machines this summer. He and his buddy were fixing a margarita machine when we got there. I’d have taken a pic, but when those things are apart, they look like the engine part of a lawnmower. It would have taken a practiced eye to see that and say, “Why, that there is a margarita machine!” Sadly, it required a part that had a two week lead time to acquire.

Some things in his shop get used more than others.


Oh. And it was hot. Real hot. Freakin’ hot. I’ve got friends in Austin. This week they are taking a few days to go down to Galveston “to get away from the heat”. How hot does it have to be for people to go to a place that gets to 96°F to get away from the heat?

Sara: "I'm tired of working."

And so this morning I had the kids start on their workbooks. Zoey was so excited she did four modules. At the rate she’s going, I’m gonna hafta brush up on my Algebra.

And for the record, I thought my last post was poignant

Hi. I'm poignant.


  1. Poignant is definitely the word I used...

    As in: "Hey, Mr, come read this poignant drunk post of Eric's!"