Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Do You Mean "Zombies Aren't Real"???

So I’m sitting here… way after midnight… writing random crap and thinking how the internet is SO overrated.

But then, I may be wrong.

After all… zombies wouldn’t have a voice if not for the internet.

Over the past several years their voice (in movies, song and dance) has been, “Hnnnn.”

And now it’s more like, “HNNNNNNNN!”

Well, shit yeah.

Have you not read The Walking Dead? Seen the show on AMC? No? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Ok, let’s face facts. The zombie apocalypse is not going to happen. Ever.


Well, let’s think about this for a bit.

1.  Zombies are not real (so far)
2.  Internet geeks are not the saviors of mankind. Shit, Jesus barely qualifies and he’s a ZOMBIE!!!
3. Technically. Seriously, you people need to lighten up.
4. This is what happens when you feed me booze and keep me up after midnight.
5. Don’t worry. Sheez. I’m not gonna feed the mogwai, so stop asking.

So there you go. A post full of no worries. My friends down under would be proud. If I had friends there. As it is, I’m not sure I have friends here. Have you seen my team?

Yeah well, I didn’t think so.

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  1. honey you sound like a drunk rambling. read my facebook on any friday or saturday night and realize how I alienate ppl with my posts, don't do it on your blog silly man :P