Thursday, June 28, 2012

On The Art of Blogging and Writing in General

Some days I’m just not really into it. Haven’t been for a while. It’s not that stupid, funny, or just plain silly things stop happening around me. I just haven’t had the creative spark to write about it.
And for those people who say, “I just don’t have the time” I have this to say:


You have the time. I have the time. Everybody has the time. We just don’t have that spark. Some people call it “ambition” or “motivation” (very similar if you think about it). Some people have those things all the time. Unfortunately. Too many of them aren’t any good at it. I’m still a tad jealous, though.

Experienced writers will tell you, in their short essays (when all compiled together are usually ingeniously titled How To Write or The Art of Writing and even So You Want to be a Writer?) just write. Write like you don’t care. Write when you don’t want to. Write write write write write.


For us normal folks that got the writing bug, but not the right stuff, writing when uninspired is kinda like working. I suppose if it was my job, I’d write all the time. As it stands, I don’t even have a job right now. People (Mom) might say, “So what’s your excuse? You write well. You have people that like your writing. With a little effort you might even sell something!”

Well, I’ve tried the writer’s mantra (write write write) and I gotta tell ya. When I’m not inspired, it comes out as drivel. I’ve got a dozen half-written half-hearted essays (that’s what these are ya know, essays, not articles. People get paid for articles. I think. Hell, I don’t know) that I really don’t like. As it stands, this one might be headed that way.

I've had some pretty neat ideas on how to work my blog, but I don’t really have the… what’s the word?... Not those other words I’ve been using…. But something that means “HUMPH!” like when you pick up something really heavy and are really proud of it. I don’t have that to really get into blogging like so many of the bloggers I’ve come to respect and admire. Too many of the bloggers I’ve enjoyed seemed to have succumbed to the same malady. They lost their HUMPH.


Maybe I should have entitled this post the Humph Post.  Sounds too much like the HuffPo. So never mind.

Time for beer #2.

It’s a New Belgium Trippel. In case you were wondering. My first was one of my homebrews.  A standard brown porter I tend to drink too much of. Pace yourself, Eric!

Now there’s a mantra I should really pay attention to.

I’m not advertising this post as usual. I’m just gonna let it hang out there. Kinda like naked shopping. You seen this? Naked people shopping for free groceries. If it happened in Houston, you might have had an opportunity to see my hairy ass pushing  $276 in beer to the registers.

And yes, as reported on the HuffPo.

Dude, there's more beer over here!

"Is that a TOWER of Nutella? Hon, you OWE me for the last time we were naked in public.


  1. Or "Hump Post".

    In other news, Seth will be excited to hear you're back, HUMPH and all. Less excited by the naked beer.

  2. Oh, who am I kidding? Naked,'s BEER.

  3. Beer has been known to induce nakedness. I whole heartedly approve.

  4. The IMAGES ARE BROKEN? Oh NOooooooooo!... I'm not entirely sure why or how... or care... Do you really need to see uncomfortably unattractive slightly overweight naked white people filling grocery carts with beer, wine, and... ... (not sure what else to buy at a random small German grocery store. Cheese? I dunno.)...

  5. I think I fixed the pics... for now.