Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not As Sexy As It Sounds

My wife has a small metal sign she’s had since her college days. It says, “No Couples In The Shower.”

Because it's slippery and dangerous

I don’t get it.

We were supposed to be up and ready to go to Gramma & Grampa’s early one Saturday. Instead we overslept because it’s in our genes.

We jumped out of bed like we had a test or something. I fed the girls while Stephanie took a shower. Well, she’d been in there a while and the girls were getting dressed and dammit, I needed a shower too. So I figured she’s got to be done soon, so I’ll just jump in there and get to washing my hair. Right?

Ooh la la!

Well, sexy as it sounds… yeah we’re naked. Hells yeah! Here’s what she says to me, us nekkid and all wet and stuff… “Hey. You’ve got a zit on your back. Lemme pop it!”

So she, with those harpy claws she calls finger nails squeezed a zit on my back.


Ooh la la indeed.

Nothing to see here. Move along. This isn't even my bathroom.


  1. LMAO wow.. what a post to wake up to.

    My boyfriend says its got to be a woman thing to pop zits/pimples. I said How so? He says when we are in the shower together popping zits is not what he thinks about. I said ok. He says several thoughts run through his mind. I told him that popping zits isn't the only thing on my mind.

    So either I am weird or just balanced. Because I can pop a zit and 5 mins later be thinking of sex.

  2. Lilscorpiosweetie, you are a very special woman.