Monday, May 27, 2013

On Friendship

Somebody need a friend?
Last Saturday morning we needed to get moving pretty quickly as Zoey had a soccer game to get to. 

Because I'm the cook, I typically eat last.[1]

By the time I sat down to eat the girls were done and sent to get dressed. It was still early enough Zoey didn't need to be in her uniform, but when it comes to doing anything she is the slowest human being alive. So we tried giving her a sense of urgency.

"Get your uniform on now!"

Several minutes later she comes back out into the kitchen, topless, where I'm not quite done eating.

Me: "One: Why aren't you in your uniform? And two: Why are you out here not wearing a shirt?"

Z: *Pointing to her right nipple* "This nipple has a friend," indicating the mole two inches from it. "And this nipple is lonely..." she said sadly with a sad face.

It was a very rare moment in that I fell absolutely speechless. Stephanie and I looked at each other and struggled to not fall over.

Me: "Um. Ok."

And then she got dressed.

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