Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Pics

Here's a series of Random Pics. It was this or actually write something.

Arrived a tad early for the July 4 fireworks.

We promised Zoey fireworks for the Fourth of July. Because of our extreme drought and a ban on fireworks, we had to do without. The city of Katy was one of the few places that actually had a fireworks display. We came early.

Way early.

Waaaaaaaay early.

Zoey said, "Take a picture of this cactus!" So I did.
Safety First

My darling loving sister sending a message.


This one is funny because they don't really know how to play Uno.

Our bulletin board
In line at the hardware store Post Office
That's right. I cut my own hair.

New chairs.

My in-laws bought new patio furniture.

Unless one of them actually reads my blog, I'm willing to bet the foam covering on the arms and legs will be there forever.

My wife and a tow truck.

This may be the biggest freakin' tow truck I have ever seen. I made my wife stand next to it to give it some scale. She's 5' 1".

We are parked at the mall in The Woodlands. We were attending the THSC conference and killing time before the Tim Hawkins show.

I have no idea why this thing was there.

This is what AAA calls when your heavy equipment (like a crane, or aircraft carrier) breaks down and needs a tow.

Ice pick

I came home from my game night out with the guys to find this sitting on top of the TV.

In our house, the TV tends to be a "catch all" and I'm as guilty as anybody else about leaving random crap up there.

But an ice pick? Turns out Sara had locked and closed the door to the master bedroom. Previous homeowner made it a key lock. Wife and kids were locked out. So Stephanie got out an ice pick... and... well... use your imagination.

I wasn't allow to play with it.

Found on Interwebs. Speaks for itself, I think.


  1. Of course steph is on her phone :P

    Great job cutting your own hair, it looks great!!

  2. Well of course she is.

    And thanks! It's "eclectic".

  3. Oh sure Court, you will post comments on HIS blog and for the record, he told me I had to kill Zombies with Plants, so yes that required my phone!

  4. OMG love the zombie peanuts! hahahahaa cracks me up.