Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Dr. Seuss Moment

Does this ever happen to you?

You read a Dr. Seuss book to yer kid. It swishes and sways back and forth, pushes and pulls, and draws you into a trance until…

You can’t help but you do, you start to sway too; you want but can’t stop, it rhymes with kerplop.

And then it gets bigger!

Like a fuzzy Jum-Jigger!

I have to tell the wife.

She says, “Oh, get a life.”

“Well that’s no damn help,” I say with a yelp.

“Then go drink beer. Stop bending my ear.” Then her eyes get wide; I can see fear inside. “Shit… it’s got me too. What do I do?”

Well, believe it or not; like a bucket of snot, you can shake the Seuss off with a sniff and a snoff.

Take off your pants and do a jump-dance. When the laughing stops you can get dressed or whatever. Seriously, it’s hard to keep a line of thought when you see pantless people jumping up and down.

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