Monday, July 11, 2011

F This F That

Why do so many bloggers insist on using profanity all the time? I mean those people that use the f-word as a simple modifier for anything and everything.

F this.

F that.

Now I’m not against using the F word. I think it makes a great modifier. It is all purpose, like Formula 409.

Perhaps I’m just old fashioned in thinking that it should be reserved for super emphasis. Like extreme likes, dislikes, or when something truly f-ing terrifying, wonderful, or horrible happens.

When I read it on other blogs, I read their experiences as all having been truly extreme. What I wonder is: how will they write something that is actually worthy of extreme language?

It’s like someone saying everything is awesome.

“That Bud Light was awesome.”

“Your Laura Ashley dress is awesome.”

“Where did you get that awesome Tetris game?”

So, when something truly awesome happens, they say, “Riding in the Space Shuttle was awesome!”

That’s when I go, “Really? Was it as awesome as that taquito you had last week?”

Now, I know what you are thinking. Riding in the Space Shuttle would be F-ing awesome. But now re-read those quoted phrases using the F-word to modify ‘awesome’. Now what do you say when you get to the Shuttle? F-ing super F-ing Awesome?

It gets to start sounding like Jay from those Jay & Silent Bob movies. When everything you perceive is extreme, nothing is extreme. It deadens the experience for everyone. It’s like putting curry in everything you cook.

OK. I’m done now.

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