Monday, July 4, 2011

Up Late Again

Last night I was really really tired but stayed up because Momma and the girls were watching a movie. It got to be really late and as a treat, we all went to bed together. The girls like to “start” in my bed. It makes them feel special. Even more special if Mom or Dad goes to bed with them. As it was so late, we all went to bed together.

Since it was late, they all fell asleep very quickly. This is good because I can’t sleep with so many wiggle butts in my bed. So I cleared a path to their beds and one by one carried them to bed.


I laid me down and boing (that was a sound effect). My eyes wouldn’t shut. Exhausted, I lay their thinking about scenes from the Terminator 4 movie and how they just didn’t make sense.

Like, where “the resistance” are a bunch of resourceless people that go to extremes to stop ONE freakin’ robot and Skynet has a FACTORY that pumps them about by the zillions, and giant walking robots that have motorcycles in their legs, fly and can shoot lasers; how is that they can hide at all? Did Skynet like keeping smelly humans in small pockets around California the way we keep deer well fed around feeders on hunting leases? Did Skynet make robot killers and send then after people for sport?

And what was the deal with capturing people and keeping them? Where did Skynet keep them? Why? What did Skynet do with them?

And Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. Holy crap. Cruise’s character goes through hell to get his kids to their mom, crossing rivers of dead people, blowing up giant robots, running for his life and what does he get? A “thank you”. They didn’t even invite him in for a sandwich. THEY OWE HIM A SANDWICH.

Anyhow, as my brain was turning these thoughts over and over I actually started to doze off. And it was right at that in-between place of being awake and coherent and asleep when I heard a door slam. It scared the shit out of me. I jerked awake so hard that I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

But, as I said, I was in that magic limbo where nothing and everything is real. So I laid there wondering if I imagined it. Finally I was freaked out enough that I decided it was real. So I got up and started looking around to see what made a door slam. Both kids were asleep in bed. Stephanie was snoring. All doors that were supposed to be closed were closed. So I opened each one and closed them again to see if it made the same noise I heard.

Open… close. Nope.

Open…close. Nope.

Open…close. Nope.

Hmmm. So I went back to bed. And laid there. What made that noise?

So I got back up and went into the kitchen. I looked around in there. I have no idea why. I started looking out the windows. Maybe the door slammer got away.
Maybe it wasn’t a slamming door I heard but something smacking against the bedroom window. So I get a flashlight and start looking out the windows. Of course I mostly see the reflection of the flashlight but I’m hoping that the window smacker sees me and is so impressed with my flashlight that it leaves.

But then, maybe it didn’t come from outside. Maybe it came from the attic. Some critter was up there making door slamming noises. So I head into the hallway where the girls’ rooms are and the attic door (you know the kind with folded up stairs?) hangs in the ceiling. I pulled on it and let go letting the springs pull it shut to see if it made a door slamming noise.

It didn’t. It went “T-BONNNNNG”.

Finally after visiting every room in the house and experimenting with slamming doors quietly, I went back to bed and stared at the ceiling. Maybe it was the cat? Did it knock over something? Maybe a branch or something landed on the roof. No.. we don’t have any tree cover. Maybe something threw a branch on the roof. Who would be throwing branches on my roof and why?

And that’s why I was up until 2 am this morning.

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