Thursday, July 7, 2011

It Rained

It. Rained. Yesterday.


Well… it’s special to us here in Houston. It hasn’t rained much in all of Texas this year. As a matter of fact, we are in an “extreme” drought. And not in a good way.

I took the kids to run a couple of errands and I noticed some heavy cloud. Not that unusual for Houston in the mid-afternoon during the middle of summer. We went to the hardware store because they have a post office. Does your hardware store have a post office? No? Well, sucks to be you. Then we walked to the liquor store. Very cloudy now.

And yes, my hardware store/post office is in the same shopping center as a liquor store. I live in Houston. Every shopping center has a liquor store.

And there you have a major difference between errands with stay-at-home-mom and stay-at-home-dad. She’ll take the kids to the grocery store, the cleaners, the actual post office, even the mall. Only psychotic mommies take their kids to the liquor store. You see them on the news occasionally. With daddies, it’s expected. As a matter of fact, it’s downright cute. I needed vodka to make amaretto with. We walk in the store, I grab the vodka…

Zoey: “Why does it say ‘Peak’?”

Me: “That’s the brand name.”

Zoey: “Yeah. But why ‘Peak’?”

Me: “I don’t know. The people that started their vodka company decided that was a good name, I guess.”

Zoey: “Hmf. But it makes no sense.”

Sara danced around like a pixie. She was just so freakin’ happy.

Cashier: “Awww. She’s like a doll with that hair!”

See? I told you. Cute.

The sky was getting darker. I saw lightening! So we zipped straight back home and turned on the TV and the internet.

A tiny little storm was brewing up and moving from the northeast of Houston to the southwest. This meant it was going to rain at my house! And it did! It was awesome!

The funny thing is: it was a tiny storm. It moved slow, so it rained for about 45 minutes. Maybe two claps of thunder.

FIVE times while my kids were watching TV the EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM broke in to let us know it was raining. It warned of high winds and lightening. Apparently it has been so long since it rained here the EBS people thought we might have forgotten what it was like to have a rain shower. “Be careful when outdoors.” Well, I didn’t need to be told twice. I ran outside, carefully, and watched those beautiful clouds unleash their mighty fury.


I’m still gonna hafta water the garden today.

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