Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Rules

My youngest daughter tonight during our regular night-night songs session decided it was the opportune time to make an observation and set some ground rules. Usually we snuggle up together and take turn singing songs with me interrupting every few minutes, “Put your feet down!”

Why do they like having their feet in the air?

“Daddy, you fart a lot.”

“Well, someone’s got to.” Actually, the ol’ cannon had been quiet all night.

“You can’t fart in my bed.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“If you fart one time in my bed, you can’t lie down in my bed anymore,” she very quickly amended that, “three times. If you fart three times…” she evidently thought that an unrealistic goal as well, “five times. If you fart five times in my bed you can’t lie down in my bed anymore.”

For a 4-year old that must be a pretty big number. Well things being as they are, I made it out of her bed with plenty of time to spare, and I still get 5 more chances.

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