Friday, June 24, 2011

Up Too Late Eating Taco Meat


Here I've gone and finished it without even inviting YOU.  And HOLY CRAP, I totally tossed the f&%^ing phone onto the floor while trying to take a picture.

For you!

I'm a clutz. Or a saint. It all depends on how you look at it.

In either case, it was delicious.

And this phone must be made of unobtanium, because it didn't even BLINK while it skittered across the floor in a poor attempt to catalog my sad life. I mean PHOTOlog. That's a word. Right?

I'd also like to point out my ponytail making skills have increased significantly.

Look at THAT!

One try. Hells YEAH!

And take a look at this face!


On a side note, Sara's older sister at a much younger age used to confuse the hell outta me.  She started asking for "Anthony."


"I want a Anthony!"

Zoey is, was, and and ever will be adamant about what she wants. WTF is Anthony all about?

It's all about me. Of course. I used to call the rubber bandy dealys girls put in their hairs to make pony tails and such "Hair thingys". Zoey's tiny little mouth tried saying the same thing and it came out "Anthonys".

It took two years and a speech therapist to figure this out. In the meantime, I had a couple of really awesome steaks, a lobster tail and two tequila sunrises. J/K. This means "Just Kidding". I hate texting shorthand. Not just because it limits communication, but because I am totally out of the loop.

Hey, I am if nothing else, honest. I've never had a tequila sunrise.

:(  This is a SAD FACE.

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