Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nature Walk

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to my last post. I got a lot of ideas regarding my new blog’s name.

The votes went as follows:

I Am Not A Giant Squid: 3
The EPIC CHRONICLES Of A Stay At Home Dad: 0
The Jensen Archive: 0
Tacos For Dinner Again: 1
Jensen’s Jungle: (already taken)
Eric Eats Everything: 1 (not even true, so I’m adjusting the vote) -1
The Jensen Blog: 0
Home Of Everything Awesome and Cool: 0

So going forward I’ll be changing my blog name to facebook.com.

Now for the Nature Walk!

The Jensen girls went to Terry Hershey Park for a walk today. The place is a huge park with a nature walk, jogging & biking trails, bayous, bridges, playgrounds & sweaty people.

We parked right near where there was a playground. Of course the girls wanted to just play on that, but I wanted to do the walk. They didn’t even put up of fight! Which makes my kids awesome. I’m sorry to make you so jealous, but there it is.

This is a sundial. It is set to “analemmatic”.

 Told you.

 Zoey felt like running.

 Cool trees and fountain.

 Sara contemplating something. Not sure what. She seems really concerned though.


Troubled Waters

Me: “What the heck is that?”

Zoey: “What?”

Me: “That thing.”

Zoey: “What thing?”

Me: “That tall thing made out of wood.” I was pointing really hard.

Zoey: “That tree?”


I still don’t know what it is. There were two.

UPDATE: They are apparently for bats.

On the nature trail.

More nature trail.

My favorite quote of the day. Sara: "We are still in our country, right?"

“Can’t we stop now?” We had been there 30 minutes.

She gave a running commentary too. "That's weird. That guy is riding a bike and not wearing a shirt. That guy has a wet shirt. That guy is not wearing a shirt."

Zoey: “They should have started it with a ‘P’ so that it says pooh, like Winnie The Pooh.”

Interesting design. Instead of using concrete which would crack over time, they fenced in some rocks. There is still concrete involved, but not as much. Not sure of the economic benefit, but it is different.

Zoey risking life and limb.

Finally, the playground!

So after sweating buckets all morning I took the girls to Chick-Fil-A. We got our orders, sat down and… wait a minute. I specifically order a #2. A sandwich with cheese, lettuce & tomato. I bit into the thing and it was a spicy chicken sandwich. Totally a #4. They already got the order wrong to begin with because I had ordered the girls sandwiches without pickles, but the cashier caught his mistake and corrected it before I left the counter. I’m not counting that one. But the spicy sandwich. Total ERROR. It’s not that I’m against spicy chicken sandwiches or anything, but I had just spent several hours sweating my ass off and I really didn’t want to sweat during my meal. Yeah, I know, you’re saying, “CFA sammiches aren’t that spicy. Wuss.” Well, they are to me, so go stick you head in a can of cayenne pepper.

Here's an argument I had with Zoey too.  CFA has these new ketchup packets that you either peel from one end and it's a dipping sauce, or peel from the other and you can squeeze it. She asked why I didn't get the other kind.

"There isn't another kind. I think you are talking about the mayonnaise."

"No, there's another kind."

"No, there isn't."

"Yes there is and I can prove it." She goes to the condiment counter and comes back with hot sauce.

"Baby, that's hot sauce. See, on the packet?"

"But it's made from ketchup."

I'm not sure which one of us really won that one.

Here are two guys staring at their phones.

Sara: “Take a picture of THIS!” So I did. She never looks at the camera.

Then they played outside some more.

The last time she was up there she freaked out so bad I thought somebody was going to call the fire department.

Free Ice Cream!

Then we all went home and took naps. Actually I took a nap. The girls watched cartoons. Zoey watched cartoons while doing math. She likes doing math. It was a good day.


  1. Please, please change the name to I Am Not A Giant Squid.


    I'm shocked and alarmed that no one - of all the six hundred people who voted - voted for this one.

  2. Hells Yeah!

    You were shocked and alarmed too? As well everyone should be.

    I've updated the voting results to reflect the number of pleases.

    Thanks for the vote!

  3. Awesome.

    I win.

    And so, clearly, do you.

  4. I've been told, "It's growing on me." Yeah, me too. If it happens, you get all the credit.