Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Dentist is TOO COOL for you...

Hells yeah.

Our dentist is sooooo cool....

Now I know you are jealous. Please contain yourself. Dr. Wilson is the best kid's dentist near where I live. I know another dentist, but seriously, she is waaaaaaaaaay too freakin' far way. And while she certainly has earned he quality seal of AWESOME, too far way. It makes me sad sometimes.

And her name is Cher. DOCTOR Cher. And Rich. Dr. Cher Rich. The different colored text means it's a link. We like her. Awesome in so many ways. All she lacks is location for me. Full disclosure, I know her, I like her, she's my wife's best friend, I make ABSOLUTELY NO $$$$ for mentioning her. Although there is the NKOTB thing....

I've never heard of this, but they took Zoey's blood pressure. 

It was "perfect".

They didn't take Sara's. I'm guessing it's because "perfect" was expected and runs in the family. After all, I was there and what do you think they'd expect? The answer is of course, AWESOMENESS; but I'll allow for the fact she's 4 years old.

They took X-Rays. Not only do they make you wear the 95 lb. apron, but there's a collar too. Obviously to protect that all too valuable voice box that will make me MILLIONS. Or whatever.

Zoey got to look over her x-ray and give the dentist her assessment.

Sara got cold.

Well, it is Texas in June. 99° outside, 66° inside. If you are thinking about visiting, bring a sweater. I strongly recommend it.


  1. It looks like your dentist's patients are too cool as well, ha ha ha. Seriously, dentists are quite awesome. It takes a lot skill and personality (and perhaps a cool name) to get kids comfortable during those dental check-ups.

  2. Dentists who love kids by nature are the best! They know all too well how they’re going to deal with different kids, making it easier for them to convince the children to not be afraid of them and visit them regularly.