Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today In Whine

Today’s Day in Whine

Today I took the girls bike riding. Never mind the time it took to figure out how to attach the bike rack to the hatch of a minivan. Never mind getting the girls properly dressed for riding bikes. Skirts and blouses… normally ok, riding bikes, not so much. Never mind getting them to potty before leaving. “I don’t hafta go!”

I got them to the bike trails. George Bush Park. There’s a handy parking area right off Hwy 6. We had to walk the bikes up over the earth dam. This happens also to be the Barker Reservoir. So, we pushed the bikes up the hill, then let the bikes drag us down the hill. It was hilarious watching Zoey try to control her bike.

“It keeps trying to get away!”

So we get to the bottom. I get both girls up on their bikes. Their heads are enormous in those helmets.




*puff* *puff* *puff*


Ten minutes later the paved portion of our ride ends. There is a gravel trail that picks up from there. I chose this path because it has tree cover.

“The rocks are in the way!”

“It’s too hard!”

Sheesh, when I was 7 years old I not only learned to ride on gravel, but you couldn’t find me because I was on my bike somewhere in Wessington, SD. Which if you’ve been there is paved nearly entirely in gravel.

And it’s not like this was a construction entrance, it was paving gravel.


Here’s my favorite. “I’m scared!”

So we walked back to the hill. Walked back up the hill and down the hill. Mounted the bikes back to the van and drove home.

I have in mind taking them back tomorrow… although, maybe I’ll find some trails that are nice even blacktop.

Nice and even.

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  1. Might have helped if poor Sara had her shoes on the RIGHT feet, seems daddy forgot to check THAT detail!