Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yeah... Right.

This right here is an example of how retailers believe people are perfectly utterly stupid.

Stu. Pid.[1]



Serves more what, exactly?[2]

I mean, I suppose I could cut them all in half and serve EVEN MORE!!

I could cut them up into teeny tiny itsy bits and serve THOUSANDS!!!!

Of pieces. I'm sure that's what the sticker means: THIN CUT Serves More pieces. Not people. Unless you have a bunch of people that aren't really hungry.

Wait... this is America![3]

Hold on... Jesus... is this how He did it? Fishes and loaves. He cut them thin! Oh my God. The only miracle here is that He had a deli slicer 2000 years ago.[4]

The only real truth here is that anyone actually feeding a family with this is going to need to buy more food.

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