Monday, June 17, 2013

No Trust

Today was the first day of gymnastics camp for the girls. After dropping them off I stopped by Ye Olde TSO to pick up my new glasses and Stephanie's contacts.

The day passed way too quickly.

And then it was time to pick the girls back up. When I got them seated and all buckled up Zoey notices a little white bag in the passenger seat.

Zoey: "What's that?"

Me: "Mom's contacts. See, I'm wearing new glasses too!"

Zoey: "Hm."[1]

As soon as we get home she jumps out of her seat and opens the bag to find.... Mom's contacts. Two boxes.

Zoey: "Oh. Contacts."

Me: "Yeah. Like I said."

About an hour later Sara sees the bag sitting on the counter.

Sara: "Dad? What's in the bag?"

Me: "Mom's new contacts."

Sara: "Really? Can I see?"[2]

Me: "Why does nobody believe me?"

I show her what's in the bag and she says, "Oh. Ok." She's all disappointed!

Me: "Both you and your sister! What did you think was in the bag that I'd lie about it?"

Sara: "Donuts."

Me: "Fair enough."

To be fair, the TSO is immediately next door
to a donut shop. Not that they knew this.


  1. hahaha my boys would think that is a donut bag too!

    1. There is something magical about the non-descript white paper bag, isn't there?