Monday, June 10, 2013

Today I Almost Died

The real victim here.
Today I followed up on my garden garlic experiment. As I was three days behind I felt it should probably happen soon as I had garlic bulbils that had been soaking in a cup of water for over a week.

Man did those things stink.[1]

Anyhow, I grabbed the stack of peat pots, put the 14 bulbils in the top one and headed out the door.

And then I was attacked.

It was so damn fast! Something small flew right by my face and started beating against my chest. It skittered up and down and around. I thought it was a wasp attacking me. Normally, I wouldn't panic in this kind of situation but it started heading for my face.[2]

Keep in mind this all happened in about a nanosecond.

I saw images of my childhood, the car wreck I head when I was 20, koalas, the view from the then Sears Tower's observation deck, an all I could eat crawfish buffet, the birth of both my children, and a coupon for a free car wash I had let expire.[3]

My life really isn't all that exciting.

So I swatted at it with my stack of peat pots and stinking garlic bulbils. Pots and seeds went flying and the thing beating against my chest leaped away. It left behind a small mess, my racing heart, and a tiny little tail. It was a *&#*$&! lizard. The stupid things like to hang out by our back door for some reason and apparently had been dared by his scumbag friends to jump on me as I came out.

I may have said things inappropriate for little ears, little old ladies, and maybe the public in general.

I learned two valuable lessons here.

1.) I really need to chill out.

2.) At least now I know I won't shit my pants when scared half to death.

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