Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craig's List Is KILLING ME!

Oh holy crap snacks.

I've spent the last couple days on Craig's List just cruising around, looking around, seeing what the deals are and where. As I live in the Houston market, they are scattered everywhere.

My favorite section is the FREE section.

I'm laughing right now... hold please.

This is the section you visit for listings on free dirt... there is always free dirt...[1]

Free boxes... the odd thing here is that there are ads for people looking for boxes... that they can't find each other is kinda hilarious in and of itself.

Of course there's all kinds of free crap, free dogs of unknown origin, a finger monkey...

A finger monkey. A FINGER MONKEY.

They've already pulled the ad, so no pic. Sorry.

Of course the odd loads of used wood, brick, and colostomy bags[2] are there too. There's some neat things like people moving today needing to get rid of stuff right now. T.V.'s, lawn mowers, and fish tanks.

And then I ran across this:

I want one!

But the sad thing is, the guy who owns it has been living in the storage building where it was being stored. The dude was being evicted! And now not only does he have no where to store this raging beauty, but he's homeless. He'd love to help load it when you come to pick it up but he's also physically and mentally disabled.

Crap. Snacks.

But wait. There's more!

Steve is so screwed.

Steve wants to trade the mechanical bull for a place to crash.

Now I feel kinda bad. I'd be all about going and snagging that thing, but homeless guy living in a storage unit IS NOT GOING TO CRASH AT MY HOUSE under any circumstances. I think that if I gotta load the thing myself, I could like offer him a burger, or a coupon for 50% of a smoothie or something, but not LIVE IN MY GARAGE.

On the other hand, I didn't even know I wanted a mechanical bull until I stumbled on this ad...

The sad thing is, while I hemmed, hawed, and wrote this post, somebody went and picked that bull and Steve up and took them home.

I live in a crazy town.[3]

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