Thursday, February 3, 2011

Smart Phones and Kids

The week before Christmas Stephanie (a.k.a.“The Wife”; a.k.a. “SWMBO”) scored a couple of HTC G2 smart phones… for free! I don’t know how, or care really…, all I know is that I told her not to buy me anything for Christmas.

Smart phones for doctors, lawyers, scientists, super couponers, (oh just think of anybody that constantly needs a computer to actually get anything done) are an excellent investment as it helps them become more productive and communicate better with their customers and colleagues. For the rest of us, it’s a toy. A totally awesome can’t-put-it-down toy.

I have tetris! Calvin and Hobbes! I’ve got e-mail, navigation, maps, Kindle, Alchemy, Aldiko, camera, Facebook, GOOGLE SKY!!!, podcasts, YouTube… I can connect any PC to the phone… and get internet there too.

*pant* *pant* *pant*

And that’s just the tip of iceberg.

I’ve got the weather. News updates. Quick links to any website I care to bookmark. Beer stuff too!!! Beer calculators, recipe databases, brew forums and blogs! OMG. That’s the first time I’ve ever used those three letters as such. Seriously, I hate texting idioms. But this phone is……

Oh yeah. It’s a cell phone too.

Check this out. It has this voice recognition program too. Tap the icon, speak “Send text to Stephanie,” pause “I’m on my way home.” It types a text for me.

“Send e-mail to Mom,” breathe.... “We’ll be visiting on Saturday – exclamation point – be prepared – exclamation point.”

“Find O’Reilly autoparts.”

“Navigate to 3113 Cotton Street, Houston, Texas.”

“Call Stephanie on her mobile.”

Guess what my favorite feature is.

I hate spending money, but I bought a car charger at full price from Best Buy because I ran the battery down way too fast to get home and plug it in.

“Set alarm for 2:45 pm”

“Go to”

“Map of Bellaire, TX”

And of course, “Call Stephanie on her mobile.”

One Saturday while Mommy was away doing deals and stealing candy from babies, I was at home with the girls. The girls were outside riding their bikes up and down the driveway while I did something productive and worthwhile inside. (Surely, right?)

As I walked through the kitchen I saw Zoey squatting down outside the breakfast nook window (there’s a hole in the screen) and she was screaming, “CALL DADDY ON HIS MOBILE! CALL DADDY ON HIS MOBILE! CALL DADDY ON HIS MOBILE!”

Then two seconds behind her is Sara.


So inside the house I shouted (because I had too. I was inside!) “WHAT!?!?”

Zoey, hands on hips and a scolding look, “We’re just pretending, Daddy.”



  1. First off, I don't steal candy from babies, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and Randalls pay me often enough I don't have to bother
    Second off, YES, that phone was absolutely the WORSE thing I ever gave you, now I almost have to text you for you to realize I am in the same room, what is it about men and technology that they cannot even sense a pair of breast in the room?????

  2. I'm well aware of the pair, but I get to play with phone.