Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tacos and French Fries

As usual, this story begins with me picking the kids up from school. To distract them from the long arduous drive home (and avoid playing Kids Bop) I begin to interview them.

“How was school?” I winced when I said that. I hated being asked that as a kid and I always answered…

“Fine.” Zoey isn’t very fond of it either.

“I don’t know!” Sara didn’t know.

“What do you girls want for dinner?”

“I wanna pick!” Sara obviously had something in mind.

“Ok. What’s for dinner, Sara?”


“I want…” Zoey started.

“NO!!! I GET TO PICK!!!!!” Sara wanted to pick.

“Fine.” Zoey wasn’t impressed, but was amiable enough.

“Ummmmm. French fries.” She seemed pretty pleased with herself.

I said, “Ok. What are we going to have with our french fries?” I know what you are thinking. She’s going to want McDonald’s or some such. Check this out.


So we get home and I start rummaging about trying to figure out what we are actually having for dinner. I go ahead and put some hamburger in the sink to thaw. We were so NOT having tacos and french fries. We had tacos two nights ago.

My phone buzzes. I have a text! From SWMBO. “Whats for dinner?”

I text back. “Tacos and french fries. If you buy taco seasoning.”

“Tacos sound good to me!”

Ten minutes later she’s home with taco seasoning.

So then I make tacos.

“Where are my french fries?” Sara was, and this is the best word to describe it: incredulous.

We have these little boxes of microwavable french fries from Crap-in-a-Box™. 4 minutes. So I made french frries.


We had tacos and french fries for dinner.

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