Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dora The Explorer

It occurs to me as I sit here, watching Nickelodeon with my daugheter that perhaps Dora et al might have it right after all.

Sara has been sick for 5 days straight. So I’m taking a day off work.

Dora carries around this back pack. Backpack.

Backpack, Backpack!
Backpack, Backpack!

Like a woman’s purse, full of useless stuff. I mean chock full of crap that makes men wonder, “Why on Earth do you carry this stuff around?”

Of course the answer is, “I might need it. Just like Dora.”

Now, Dora has this cousin. Diego. He lives in South America. He has a back pack too. Actually, a Rescue Pack. Just the name automatically makes it cool.

Just like a guy, he only carries what he needs. And that magical transforming one-strapped awesomeness is only ever what he needs. You need a bike? No? Ok. Motor scooter? No? Ok. Jet ski? Yes? Got it!

Backpack, 99% dead weight.

Rescue pack, 100% the right thing at the right time.

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  1. Fine, next time you are in desparate need of chapstick, you are on your own buddy!