Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Car Air Fresheners

So I’m parked at a red light. Got the radio going. Got the A/C going. Checking out the ghetto gas station to see what’s going… and I smell it.

I get the sudden sensation like I’m sitting inside a Jolly Rancher.

Seriously. If I can smell the inside of your car, from the inside of my car, with the windows closed, it’s too much.

I once drove behind a car, tiny little Mazda WTF360, dude had like 80 pine trees hanging from the rearview mirror. My eyes were watering.

I remember too, now that I think of it, while sitting in the Social Security office beating the dead horse that is required to change my wife’s name to mine there were a number of people that not only smelled like cotton candy, but wore more make-up than a clown.

I couldn’t help but wonder: Barnum & Bailey? Houston Rodeo? Can I get a balloon animal?

Why. So. Serious?

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