Monday, May 16, 2011


There's a closed down resteraunt on Hwy 6. We pass it twice a day. It was a crappy Italian place, then abandoned for years before somebody renovated. They painted it blue and opened a Mexican seafood place. It was open for about six months before closing.

As the weeks passed after closing Zoey started lamenting how we had never gone. I think she felt bad for them because she mentioned more than once that maybe they wouldn't have had to close if we went there to eat.

Although she does get quite a kick when some local "urban artist" tags the place. She thought the bulbous letters looked like ghosts.

She asked me, "Why don't they open a new resteraunt and call it 'Pussycats'?"

Hmmm. Ok, I gotta know where this is going.

"And what kind of resteraunt would Pussycats be?" I asked. " Will they serve cats for dinner?"

"No Daddy. It would be a resteraunt people can bring their cats to. They'd have their own spot at the table with a plate and food. I think they should call it Pussycats."

Now there's a niche market for you.

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